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*waves hi* Newbie here~

Hi~ I'm new here and also new to the BJD scene and I was hoping to introduce myself and hopefully gain some new friends in this area and also improve my knowledge about this hobby~ <3 I'm posting today to introduce my doll <3


Name: Ishida Lash(Lasciel) Setsuna

Gender: Female

Owner: Ishida S. Sakia

Age: Human age - 18, Actual age - Unknown

Birthdate: 27-12-1992

Likes: Going against norms, tempting people to do things for her/do things her way, traveling, Sweet things and cuddly cute things, has a major sweet tooth and a habit of cuddling soft toys, although she doesn't like to admit to both (Lash: I don't! *fumes*), cosplaying (just because she is proud of the fact that she looks prettier than her owner in cosplay clothes >.>) and being told that she is pretty.

Dislikes: Getting reminded of her fallen angel "past", being ignored, referred to as a normal human (Lash: At least I'm a PRETTY human dammit), bitter tasting food, getting told off by me for being somewhat rude sometimes XD.

The "Story" behind: Lash is the imprint of the fallen Angel, Lasciel, who is also known as the seducer, the web-weaver and the temptress who was reincarnated as a soul of Ishida Setsuna when she perished in a rebellion against the order of the fallen angels she belonged to due to certain events (Lash: I was trapped, not reincarnated and I didn't rebel *pouts* I just...protested lightly. >.<) She half yearns to acquire back her powers and go about doing her fallen angel "duties" again yet she is slowly starting to adapt to being human. Ishida Setsuna is the name of her human form. Lash/Setsuna is currently living with me as her protector ( are more like my host really.) as she deems me satisfactory, and interesting to tempt >.> (Lash: ^^ You are!~ <3)

The "History" of how I acquired her: It was kinda of an accident really. I had wanted a dollfie for a long time now, and was saving up for a Volks Mimi really which I was thinking of buying when I go to Japan in the month of June this year. However, just when I saved up just enough to get that doll, my dad who knows that I was looking for a dollfie saw Lash (a Zi Yuan from AoD) during his work in China and sent me a couple of pictures of her (She is a second hand doll really, the owner had her for less than a month yet didn't really clicked with the doll.) The moment I saw her I was "seduced" by her I guess XD (although that does sound kinda weird) XD I tried resisting (cause I didn't want my first doll to be an impulsive buy, and I've been wanting the Volks Mimi for some time now so I thought it was just a nice-pic-I-like thing) but I keep getting reminded of her (she lives up to her name of being a temptress), so finally after a week I told my dad to get it and ship it back for me. Never did regret it. She is so beautiful and I am glad to be her owner. Made stuff for her to wear (although the dress was bought separately from a shop in Singapore.)

Lol, she is kinda lucky, since I have excess budget after getting her, and I'm spending it on her when I go Japan in June (and I'm bringing her along too) Any tips for bringing dollfies overseas? I don't have a dollfie bag <-- is thinking of getting it when I go there, so I'm thinking of lining my carry on with the cushion she came in and carry her on like that.

Oh..and since I'm kinda new to this (and my DoA membership hasn't been approved has been 3-4 days but I guess they are just busy XD) anyone here has tips on getting rid of resin smell? At least I think it is resin smell...XD (Although she was second hand, her previous owner didn't really open the box more than once so I think there is still some lingering smell?) I'm not too bothered by it but it'll be good if I can get her to smell better. And just curious, I know resin dust is toxic, but is resin smell toxic too?
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