Dark hair for catching the wind (bellekitsune) wrote in superdollfie,
Dark hair for catching the wind

FS: VOLKS F01 (4 sisters) white skin FCS doll / VOLKS Kun

I am parting with my F01 girl and my Volks Kun.

Volks f01:

Description of item(s) -


Skin Type: SC-02 (White)
Head: SD-F-01
Wig: W-117D-100
Glass eyes: 18mm-pupil-less light blue (bought on leeke)
Eyelashes: EL-05
Body: SD-B-08
Arms: SD-A-2
Hands: SD-H-06
Legs: SD-L-02
Feet: SD-FO-02
Face-up: Volks

Price $750 + shipping & handling



Description of item(s) -

Will come with original wig. Eyes are 18mm Winter Plum Glass Eyes (Iris Color: Magenta & Gray)
(Leeke L-068_L Milk Brown wig available as well for $25)
I have also given her a french manicure!

Price: $600 + shipping & handling



Following info for both dolls:

Country you are located- USA
Willing to Split + split prices? no
Methods of payment accepted? Paypal (balance preferred)
Layaway options? I will accept Layaway with a $300 non refundable deposit, and the rest must be paid within 3 months.
Shipping method options? I will use either UPS or USPS, your call. I don't require insurance, however if you don't want it, I will not be responsible for loss or damage in transit.

Seller will ship within (timeframe) after receiving full payment? 2 weeks
DoA feedback thread:
Click here.

I have cats, though I keep my dolls far far away from them.

Please give them a good home =\
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