Princess sprakle sprocket (robinhime7) wrote in superdollfie,
Princess sprakle sprocket

Hello all!

Hello! My name is meghan but you may call me Robin, I have known about dollfies for a long time but recently this year I am thinking to buy one, but the only thing is the cost! My birthday is next month and I was hoping to get one then but then I decided to go to the U.S to visit my boyfriend later this month  which is about $900, then my uncle died today acually so idk my parents are going to his funeral or not and thats alot of money to go to the U.S again and we are going on a shopping spree in paris in september which my mom had to pay alot for, so basically money is an issue! I wonder idk cheaper places to buy a dollfie, maybe someone is selling one relatively cheap? Really I just want a female mini super dollfie hopefully with the face up and all that already done ( i will not try to do it myself, my hands shake to much) 
Help is much appreciated!!
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