Corissa (fiannagalliard) wrote in superdollfie,

selling my LE Phoenix Tattoo Backed Narae 60cm

I am looking to sell or for help in selling my LE Phoenix Tattoo Backed Narae 60cm.

She is a Limited Edition (only 10 ever made, she is 7) Phoenix Tattoo Backed Narae 60cm
She has a face up done by Kim Kyu Yun.
She is french resin (pinky white) , and comes with the pink wig and blue eyes she came with. all Inside her original box.

her ears were drilled for piercing when I bought her.

a special note: This doll was photographed and featured in the Shojo Beat Magazine article on BJDs.

the hand painted back of the tattoo.
I love her and find her very beautiful, but I just don't have the time to give her the attention she deserves, so I am hoping to find a good home for her.

I am negotiable on price...

If you know of anyone interested...please pass this along.

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